""We have been extremely impressed with Condor Projects' pile cutter. The machine has delivered all that Condor Projects said it would do, and more. We've seen safe cutting to excellent accuracy and reducing time on the job by fantastic margins. We're sure to use it again." "

Richard Butler, Project Manager, Winvic Ltd


Condor Projects has developed an alternative method of pile cutting to suit seamless, suspended, steel fibre reinforced floors.

Our unique custom-built hydraulic powered diamond sawing machines are desgined to cut through square section concrete piles of up to 350 x 350 mm and leave a perfectly flat and level surface that will conform to the low +/- 5 mm tolerances demanded by this type of flooring system.

The design of the machine also allows for use on uneven surfaces, and a unique system of clamps makes preparatory pile cropping unnecessary, saving on both time and costs.